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Block Trading

Building on our extensive background experience in trading stocks for both domestic and international clients, we identified the urgent need to evolve trading protocols in Brazil. Block trading of stocks allows institutional investors to trade with appropriate protocols, reducing their impact on the market. In addition, real-time connectivity with CCP B3 ensures the same post trading flows.


• Avoid asset dislocation, reducing execution costs and preserving potential returns.
• With adequate tools for the growth of assets and volumes.

• Protocol tailored for asset and volume growth.

• Guarantee confidentiality, avoiding front running.
• Maintain post-trade flow unchanged.


• Offer the possibility to provide protocols available in the most developed markets in the world.

•  Provide tools that unlock trading volumes in the local market.
• Real-time settlement in CCP B3, ensuring unchanged post-trade flow.


Accurate Calculations

Automated Processes

Electronic Integrations
(APIs and files)

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