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Fixed Income
Government Bonds

This solution was created to meet the need for more agile trading tools and to enable the local fixed income market to catch up with the accelerated trend of electronification already present in the main global markets. By combining innovation and our expertise in products that already trade electronically, we have created a platform that allows for high trading scalability in directional trades and trades with derivatives.



  • Electronic trading on organized order book guarantees best execution
    derivatives via DMA. 

  • Our books allow trading matched with derivatives “casadas”

  • Integrations with trading systems allow order routing and drop copy.

  • Integrations with custodians save time and eliminate errors.




  • The electronic processes between the brokerage firm and the manager eliminate errors and save resources.

  • Own command range, built-in PU calculation and quick allocations replace phone calls.

  • Integrations with trading systems and back-office systems eliminate internal processes.

  • Trading of “casadas”: paper and derivatives in one place.


Accurate Calculations

Automated Processes

Own Command ID

Electronic Integrations
(APIs and files)

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